Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Can I keep track of how I do on the quizzes?
A: Yes, sign up to create a profile to save your scores and to track your progress across all of our categories.

Q: How often does QuizLife add new quizzes?
A: Every day, on topics from things in the news to things that are simply fascinating. Come back to see what we've got.

Q: How does the scoring work?
A: You get 100 points for answering a question correctly, plus a speed bonus for answering it quickly. If you answer a question correctly within five seconds, you get the maximum 50 speed bonus points. After that, your speed bonus declines by 5 points for every second that passes.

Q: How do you know if the answer is really true?
A: We take accuracy seriously, and our writers, editors and fact checkers all aim to get everything right. After you take a quiz, you can review the questions and answers and see links to our sources. If you think we got something wrong, you can flag the question and our editors will investigate it.

Q: Does QuizLife work on my phone?
A: The website works great on phones. We're also building a QuizLife app, so please stay tuned for that.

Q: Does QuizLife have a Facebook or Twitter account?
A: Yup: QuizLife on Facebook, and QuizLife on Twitter.


Q: I don't have a QuizLife account, do I need one?
A: You don't need one, but if you have one you can keep track of your scores, challenge friends and more.

Q: What is Connect with Facebook?
A: It's a simple way to sign up on QuizLife using your Facebook account.